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Interior with Windsor chair, table, teapot, tea cup, book, and bookshelves
Reading Corner
12 x 16

It is always a surprise when I don't hate a painting part way through painting it. While I had a few struggles with this one I was happy with it all the way through.

The chair is famous in my family as "The Study Chair." It belonged to my mother's father's father who was a minister when my grandfather was a small boy.in the 1880s. It was the chair in the parsonage where he wrote his sermons.

One day in Sunday school the teacher asked my grandfather for his opinion about some subject. He replied that he didn't know, so she told him to study on it and answer next Sunday.

When the next Sunday arrived, the teacher asked him if he'd studied on the question. My grandfather burst into tears. When she asked what was wrong he said, "I couldn't study on it. My daddy was in the study chair all week."