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Still life with broken sculpture and tennis ball

My parents bought this sculpture by Karl Werner when I was 13 or 14. It has a prominent place in their house and later their apartment until my mother, then in her 90s and not in good health, became angry about something and threw something across the room. It hit the sculpture, knocking it to the floor, where it broke into several pieces. She asked her cleaning person to collect all the pieces which she then gave to me, hoping I could put it back together. I was actually able to repair part of it, but a significant piece from the back was somehow lost. I added the tennis ball to the remaining pieces to take the blame away from mom.

At some point I hope to reassemble the pieces and possibly figure a way to replicate the missing ones. I'll paint the repairs with gold leaf in the Japanese style of kintsuge - a way of honoring broken pieces for their former service. When that happens I'll make another painting of it.