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Still life with apples, a loaf of bread, and a bottle of wine
Camping Still Life
12 x 9

Painted at the 2019 First Brush of Spring in New Harmony, Indiana.
I had been painting all morning, finishing off Laboratory, painting all of Dogwood, River, Windy Day. It was time for lunch. So I returned to camp, made myself a sandwich, and sat down to rest. I knew I had time to do another painting, but didn't really want to get up and go somewhere in search of another subject. But I had this bag of apples and the loaf of bread I had used for my sandwich. And I had a bottle of wine in the car. Here's a nice still life. I set it up in front of my camp kitchen box (the brown bits near the center are the latch and the handle of the front. It was a beautiful afternoon. I relaxed and just painted, and I ended up with this really nice painting. The apples are amazing!