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Fourth Bridge - Chimney Tops Trail
Fourth Bridge - Chimney Tops Trail

I had read something in a book about hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains that said one of the bridges looked like it had been plucked out of a Japanese garden. That made me want to hike up & see it.

And I do mean up. It's a very steep trail.

Unfortunately, I remembered it as the fourth bridge but it was really the third bridge the book had mentioned. We hiked quite a bit further than we needed to. But this view of the bridge was quite beautiful. I don't think I even glanced at the third bridge.

On a sleepless winter night I painted this from one of my photographs. I was worried that the basic motion of the painting was down and to the right, so I asked an artist friend. She said the patch of blue in the upper right successfully balanced the composition.

This has always been one of my favorite paintings. It used to hang over my desk at work. Eventually I sold it to the library. Currently it's in a meeting room in the Library Foundation offices. I visit it from time to time.